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Stroll in Avignon

Stroll in the medieval city of Avignon and discover its heritage

From the numerous monuments which are part of Avignon's Heritage, some are world-famous, much more are discreet but still worth to be discovered by curious mind and attentive eyes. A tour y is the best way to discover the city, walking through the winding and narrow streets. Monuments of different style roll before your eyes : gothic churches, baroque façades, classic mansions, all passed on by Avignon history.

pope palace square in Avignon Pope Palace in  Avignon petit palais in Avignon, Mint in Avignon Horloge square in Avignon City hall in Avignon Avignon theater rocher des Doms garden in Avignon saint Bénézet bridge in Avignon Avignon city walls Ceccano palace in Avignon Church Saint Didier in Avignon roi René street in Avignon  teinturiers street in Avignon Church Saint Pierre en Avignon Notre Dame des Doms cathedral in Avignon Hôtel de Vervins on Mirande square Banasterie street in  Avignon Barthelasse Island in Avignon open windows on Avignon Festival Green Wall Avignon

Enjoy your stroll in Avignon :)

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