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Monteux, town in the Vaucluse, the Monteux lake and the leisure parks

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Monteux, a pleasant town of Vaucluse

Monteux is a Provençal town built in the centre of the rich plain of the Comtat Venaissin, on an important road, between Avignon and Carpentras, at the foot of the two hills of Plumanel and Saint Martin. Its etymology means "place near the mountain". The Auzon, a small river in summer but wider during the rainy season, passes to the north of the old town. The economic vocation of the municipality has always been agricultural, the surrounding farms produce early fruits (Carpentras strawberry) and vines. A weekly market is held on Sunday mornings with local producers.

Monteux la Porte Neuve Monteux, la Porte d'Avignon Fontaine des Dauphins à Monteux Monteux fresques

From the ramparts, dismantled in 1840, only a few remains remain, and two beautiful gates: the new Gate and the Porte d'Avignon, which were the only two accesses to the interior of the city. The Porte Neuve is classified as a historical monument, it is a massive tower dating from the 14th century, it was then called the Porte Notre-Dame. It changed its name after its restoration in the 17th century and the addition of corner towers on its north face. A lever bridge built on the ditch of the rampart defended its access. Under the vaulted porch, justice was done and the notary public performed all his acts.

The walls of the city centre are decorated with trompe l'oeil frescoes, artists' studios and art and sculpture shops.

The Clémentine tower

Monteux fresques Monteux, la Tour Clémentine

The Clementine Tower is a large square keep 28 metres high and 8 metres wide that overlooks the village. It offers from its summit a very beautiful view of the Comtat Venaissin plain but cannot be visited. It was part of a large castle where Pope Clement V, the first Pope of Avignon, resided. The castle was burned down in the 14th century, only the tower named after the pope who lived there remains.

Saint Gens, patron saint of Monteux

Saint Gens Monteux Saint Gens Monteux

Saint Gens is the patron saint of the city. Saint Gens was born in Monteux, who left to live as a hermit in Beaucet on the Vaucluse mountains about twenty kilometres away. He leads a pious and austere life, and soon his miracles made his reputation. During a particularly severe drought, the inhabitants of Monteux asked him to intervene. He organizes a procession and the rain begins to fall. A pilgrimage always takes place the weekend following May 16, it is one of the most popular in Provence. The pilgrim procession transports the statue of Monteux to the hermitage of Saint-Gens in Le Beaucet.

Le Feu de Monteux

The Fireworks have given Monteux a worldwide reputation. The pyrotechnics industry is the work of a native of Monteux, Calixte Aulagne. This carpenter participated in the Crimean War and at the Sevastopol headquarters. Impressed by what he saw, he returned home and reproduced the scene for his family and friends with firecrackers and candles. The show impressed and Calixte, with the help of his sons, presented it at fairgrounds and was a great success. The pyrotechnic industry was born and for a long time the company Ruggieri was the first employer in Monteux. Today the Saint John's Day Fireworks (last Sunday in August) attracts up to 30,000 people to see a very high quality pyrotechnic show. "Monteux fire is a bit like the haute couture of pyrotechnics."

Monteux Lake and leisure parks

Le Lac de Beaulieu à Monteux

Monteux is also a place of relaxation and leisure: Lake Beaulieu is an artificial lake of 10 hectares, it attracts swimmers who come to refresh themselves on its artificial beach and enjoy its recreational activities. The Wave island (ex Splashworld) is a large 5 hectare aquatic amusement park, it offers the largest artificial wave in the world (recorded by the World Guinness Book at 3.5 meters high). Spirou Park opened in 2018.

Wave Island à Monteux Parc Spirou à Monteux

Visit Monteux in photos : slideshow

Accommodation near Monteux and practical information

Selection of guest rooms near Monteux on the portal of the guest rooms of Provence

Chambres d'hôtes de charme Fleurs d'Hilaire Mas des Fleurs d'Hilaire

Charming guest house and gîte in the provencal countryside near Monteux

Château Talaud Château Talaud

Five luxury guest rooms and prestigious rentals in a 17th century park and castle in Loriol du Comtat near Monteux

Website of the town of Monteux : www.monteux.fr

Gare de Monteux

The Monteux SNCF station offers direct connections with Avignon centre and the TGV station

Things to see and do in Monteux

Coming to Monteux

GPS coordinates N 44°02’10’’ - E 4°59’52’’

Monteux Location : altitude 42 metres, 12800 inhabitants, 4 km from Carpentras, 7 km from Pernes les Fontaines, 10 km from Velleron, 11 km from Beaumes de Venise, 14 km from Vacqueyras, 14 km du Thor, 15 km from l'Isle sur la Sorgue, 16 km from Châteauneuf-du-pape, 18 km from Gigondas, 20 km from Avignon

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