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A pretty wine-growing village in the Provençal Gard

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Saint Laurent des Arbres

Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, a pretty wine-growing village in the Provençal Gard

Visit of the provencal village Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres

Saint-Laurent des Arbres is a pretty village in the Provençal Gard, located in the Rhone Valley. This is the heart of famous Côtes du Rhône vineyards of the right bank of the Rhone river : near Lirac and Tavel, between Bagnols-sur-Ceze and Avignon.

Saint-Laurent des Arbres is a pretty village in the Provence Gardoise, it is located in the right bank of the Rh么ne Valley, in the heart of the famous vineyards of Lirac and Tavel and the C么tes du Rh么ne, between Bagnols-sur-C猫ze and Avignon. This place was occupied since prehistoric times, there are traces of Neanderthal men, the first breeders and farmers of the Neolithic period, and many Roman remains. The Plateau of Jupiter, which dominates the village, still bears the name of the Roman deity.


Saint-Laurent des Arbres keeps a remarkable medieval heritage. The Tour Ribas and the fortified church rise above the village, winding streets made ​​pleasant to go. In the village center, the massive church is fortified by high walls equipped with battlements and a tower, the Dungeon, whose construction is attributed to Bishop Jacques Deuze, the future Pope John XXII in Avignon.

Saint-Laurent des Arbres was the property of the diocese of Avignon from the 10th century. Nearby stands the Tour de Ribas, a somewhat medieval building (12th century), the tourist information office is located there. A few steps below the village held a public washhouse fed by a small stream.

Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres

Besides the touristic interest, the charm and tranquility of a Provencal village, the situation of Saint Laurent des Arbres is ideal for visitors. The village is easily accessible, just 5 minutes from the entrance to the A9 (Roquemaure) highway, making all the things to see in the region closer.

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Information and Accommodation in Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres :

FélisaMaison Felisa
Charming Bed and breakfast in Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres dedicated to Wellness.

Château Beaupré DeleuzeChâteau Beaupré Deleuze
A "Guest Castle" in Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres : three guest rooms, two apartments and two cottages.

Selection of guest rooms in the Gard and bed and breakfast near Châteauneuf du Pape on the portal of Provence's b&b

tourist office : web site saint-laurent-des-arbres.com

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Coming to Saint-Laurent des Arbres

GPS coordinates : N 44°03'18'' - E 4°41'59''

Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres is located in the department of Gard, near the exit of the A9 motorway (exit 22).

Location : altitude 55 meters, 2200 inhabitants, Saint-Laurent des Arbres is 5 km from Tavel, 15 km from Châteauneuf du pape, 16 km from Orange, 17 km from Villeneuve-les-Avignon, 20 km from Avignon, 29 km from Uzès, 45 km from Nîmes.

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