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Avignon, city of the popes in Provence

Avignon  Avignon

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Avignon can't be overlooked by travellers coming to Provence. The ancient City of the Popes holds such an heritage and history it has been choosed as one of the cultural capital in Europe.

Discover Avignon, its heritage, museums, Festival, charming Bed and breakfast with reports that I publish on Horizon Provence.


Pope Palace Avignon The Palace of the Popes
The Pope's Palace is the greatest gothic palace in the world, erected by the popes of Avignon in the Middle-Age.
Roses Altera Rosa Avignon Altera Rosa in Avignon
The Palace of the Popes celebrates the most beautiful Roses during Ascension week-end.
Bridge Avignon Saint Bénézet The Bridge of Avignon
The picturesque Romanesque bridge Saint Benezet is famous all over the world thanks to a nursery rhyme.
Avignon bed and breakfast Bed and breakfast in Avignon
Enter and discover the inside Avignon's guest house. Horizon Provence exclusive reports
a tour in Avignon a tour in Avigon
Discover Avignon's heritage by strolling through its narroaw and winding streets
Angladon Museum  Avignon Angladon Museum in Avignon
An exceptionnal Art collection from Middle-Age to 20th century, with Van Gogh, Modigliani and Picasso paintings
Collection Lambert contemporay art  Avignon the Collection Lambert
Avignon holds a contemporary art museum, contemporain, thanks to Yvon Lambert, famous collector and art dealer from Paris
Calvet Museum Avignon Calvet Museum in Avignon
a listed museum in Avignon dedicated to fine arts, with a rich collection of paintings from the 16th to 20th century.
Petit Palais Museum in Avignon Petit Palais Museum in Avignon
Treasures of italian painting from middle-age to Renaissance, to discover without fail for all art lover.

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